Product Films

Product films, Product demo films, Product explainer videos, Service Explainer films, product animation videos, product launch videos are made with the objective to explain particular product / service functionality. They are also been used to train people and guide how to use particular product or service in right way. They can be created through shoot or sometimes with 3D animation. Normally animation is used where shoot is not feasible ( like where we need describe particular service or need to show internal parts of any machine or product ) or where shoot won’t look good aesthetically.

Product films / Service films are also created to launch new product and services in market. A Story Communications first understands essence of given product or service and then suggests the right way to execute the job in the effective manner. Till date we have created and dubbed Product / Services Videos in all different Indian Languages for our clients to suit needs and easy understanding of their Distributors, Dealers and End Users.

We can produce any of the following options mentioned below:

Corporate Film/ Corporate Video/ Corporate AV
Skills Enhancement Training Film
Market Listing and IPO Film
Trade Show Exposition Film
Film on Company’s History/ Background/ Milestones
Promotional Film
Induction Program Film
Motivational Film
Internal Communication Corporate Films
Corporate Identity Film
Product Information Film
Product Launch Film
Technical Support and Self- Help Film
Company Policy Film
Educational Film
Trade Show Exposition Film

Types of Films Ads


According to reports about 90% of the internet traffic will comprise of video by the next year.


According to experts a well-made television and internet video ad is one of the most easiest ways to get your message across.


What you see is what you buy. And that is what we do through our commercial film shoots in Noida.

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