The days were gone when the speeches of the politicians from the high platforms used to be the sole means of moving the opinion of the voters. Today, the voters may hear the loud loudspeakers, but at the same time, they keep scrolling their Smartphone and share their political views and opinions through social media platforms.

All candidates for native, state and/or national political campaigns have to be compelled to connect with voters through wholly totally different digital selling channels.Digital selling for political campaigns has created it easier to attain a targeted audience at a fraction of ancient cost. There’s a lot of knowledge on the market regarding voters however however it’s used will make sure the success of the campaign.


Here is however NOFIKKAR TECHNOLOGIES, a political digital selling agency will assist you in digital selling for political campaigns.Our approach for could be a bit totally different from different political advertising agencies, simply scan on to understand more:

Domain Name

The first issue you would like to try to to as shortly as you choose to last any election is obtaining a site name for your campaign. Actually, it might not be a foul conceive to purchase several domain names related to your name and therefore the election you’ll be running for (e.g. www.XYZZillaParishad.com).There square measure times wherever the opponents get your domain or connected name then airt those links to their own domain.


The second issue you would like could be a brand to ascertain yourself as a branded politician or we will merely use your party’s emblem.This complete are going to be on your campaign website, social media, email selling, videos, and advertisements. To gift statistics, use infographics.They’re a robust visual illustration that shows the excellence between you and your opponent. This works fine for busy voters WHO solely have two minutes to appear at your message.


The third issue needed is a sublime and simple web site. Don’t go low cost with the templated web site that users won’t be able to notice it on search engines. Gift issues that you simply care regarding. Post everything on your web log like Associate in Nursing announcement for your campaign, press releases, opinion on totally different issues, responding to your opponent’s attacks or issues, events, fundraisers, and surveys. Bear in mind to be positive, nobody cares regarding attacks and nasty comments.

Pay per Click

As the campaign hurries up, add Pay per Click advertises on Google, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the analytics data from the beginning of the campaign to specialise in voters. Be in step with your message, short and sweet.
Without effective interventions, the campaign ways and practices we tend to follow will become a lot of and a lot of refined in returning elections, presumptively with little or no oversight, transparency, or public responsibility. The digital media and selling business will continue its analysis and development efforts, with Associate in Nursing intense concentrate on harnessing the capabilities of recent technologies, like AI, video game, and psychological feature computing, for advertising functions.

Social Media

This is one in all the simplest ways in which build a relationship with the voters. Any announcement you share, it ought to be denote on your web log then shared on your social media. Connect with voters and concentrate to what they’re inquisitive about. ne’er attempt to perpetually elicit support and votes. That gets terribly annoying and users might block/unfollow you.Email selling is another great way to attach with voters. produce Associate in Nursing email list or we are going to produce it for you. Begin with friends and family for the beginning. To form your email list, build it simple for voters to check in for your newsletters by having the shape on your web site, social media and QR code on your print materials.

The people residing in India, the role of the social media wasn’t very apparent until the declaration of the result of the Parliamentary elections in 2014.And,the election scenario in India in the 2014 election is the popularity of WhatsApp. Besides the social media platforms such as the Twitter,Google Hangout,Tumblr and Facebook etc; the real recognized game changer was thr role of WhatsApp .Almost every internet user in India was well familiar with the social media presence of the BJP Prime Minister candidate Mr. Narendra Modi. Also, it was apparently clear that he led a huge host of fans and followers. The increasing popularity of WhatsApp is believed to play still a far greater role in mobilizing the political opinions and the messages amidst the Indian voters.

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